by Halliday Season

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"I'm amazed you found a word to rhyme with Geraniums" - My mom

"Meh" - A co-worker

"This is depressing. It's just like about sleeping, and lakes, and shit" - Anonymous


released June 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Halliday Season Chicago, Illinois

20 something based in Chicago IL making subpar music in her apartment.

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Track Name: Killing & Dying
Bursting the ear drums
of the one you love
is the perfect way to say I love you back

It’s a long con, a draw out
the perfect way to sleep with the lights out
but darling we’ll never really fit in

the plane flies overhead
and we’ll all soon be dead

darling I’m so sorry
you never truly realized your dreams
but theres always next time I guess

lets just sleep the week away
we’ll try harder some other day
but i don’t have a plan, how about you?

the plane flies overhead
darling I’m sorry but we’ll soon be dead
and buried with dirt and sleet
so listen to our love fall asleep

darling lets sleep
Track Name: Seymour
My curiosity is finally coming in
So I called Seymour last night, and I asked how he’s been

He said he’s doing fine
Ask how I’ve been passing the time

Do you remember your last family vacation
that time you crashed your dads Pontiac into Lake Michigan

What a night that was for all
I thought we’d die when he found out
tell me, have you been doing much?
Tell me everything that I’ve missed out on

Tell me Seymour, have you been doing much lately?
Tell me everything that I’ve missed out on

You seem happy in those photograph you took in July
I hope that’s not wishful thinking, as I can see the glimmer in your eye
But I want you to know I’m happy too
I hope get to see you soon
Track Name: Pulaski Lives in Decatur
Pulaski don’t let me go
I’ll feel a longing deep in my bones
I won’t get a chance to really grow old

We’ll be called war criminals and traitors
but i’d rather live and die in the depths of Decatur
and hang my loaded gun up on the wall

Before it gets too dark

We can sell off our ammo, you can sell off your sword
to fund the endeavors and adventures in the north
what a time to live, and to be holy again

Water looks fresher at the lakes front
where we can discuss our mistakes and royal fuck ups
and set that plot of land to be our home

Before it gets too dark
Track Name: Shooting Hipsters
Shooting Hipsters, that book that you read
so softly and sweetly to me
as we pine for sleep

Hemingway and Salinger
all the love lost aboard the Challenger
but we are in too deep

But I can’t give you anything.

Punching holes into the drywall
as I make my last fight or flight call
it’s all for the love of the sport

And you’ve spent the last of your dimes
getting out of your parents loveless love life
If you ask me thats money well spent

But I can’t give you anything
Track Name: Your Birthday Was A Disaster
Well I’ve put my best foot forward
but my head still lingers on the pillow
the windows completely caving in
collecting so much water and snow

That I think we’ll soon begin to drown

We can go for a walk
if you think that’ll make you feel better
but theres no confessing sins to god
in the hellish sort of weather

But i’d much rather drown
Oh i’d much rather drown
Track Name: Geraniums
Sleep on the couch
stretch your spine out
and before you notice
it will feel like a mattress in no time

but you’ll doze off before I get home
which is alright as we’re mending our bones
but it’s painful to think that we won’t speak
until the morning when we’ll be different people

With our bloodshot eyes and broken thumb
Those Christmas lights, and geraniums
they keep me going on

Sleep until mid morning
we’ve got nothing planned today
though our knees will tremble and begin to shake
under the pressures of our bodies weight

we can talk over water
how disappointing we must be to our fathers
though my eyes are bleary and it’s hard to see
I know deep down my mother’s proud of me

and my bloodshot eyes and broken thumb
with those Christmas lights, and geraniums
but they pale in comparison to what you said
so tomorrow morning we’ll sell my bed
and we’ll drive off
Track Name: Spoiled Milk & Jesus Christ
Don’t open your eyes
There’s nothing to see here but
the spot where your parents fell in love
is now a pit of spit and mud

Now your childhood has been ruined
by those summer suns and oceans
the fever dreams stick to your bedsheets
and those books you read when you were 13

You can waste your precious time
on spoiled milk, and jesus christ
as religion is all that you seem to know
but your church reeks of booze and tobacco

now you father’s calling the police
and your mother looks on innocently
and all these years been dyed and thinned out
blessed with holy water and catholic doubt

But why do you lie to me